9. “First Blowjob”

Q: Many moons ago National Lampoon published a short story titled “First Blowjob.” It was by either Doug Kenney or Ed Subitzky—I don’t recall. I’ve been looking for it for a long time, but with no luck.

A: That story (by Doug Kenney) first appeared in “The National Lampoon Encyclopedia of Humor,” a special issue which was published in 1973. It also appeared in the hardcover “10th Anniversary Anthology” and the paperback anthology “A Dirty Book.”

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    “Why, that-that sounds positively disgusting!”
    “It sure is,” Dad said, puffing his pipe alight, “just ask your mother.”
    Chuck’s final line is classic, too, but I won’t spoil it.

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    “…padiddle, for example”…or something like that? I might be thinking of another feature.

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    It’s highly original and, by today’s standards, one of the most mysogynist and offensive pieces the NL ever published, and they published a lot.

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