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Letters from the Editors of
National Lampoon


COVER: Illustration by Rick Meyerowitz

Edited by Brian McConnachie; Illustrated by Rick Meyerowitz

There is a contents page in this book, but it doesn't actually list the contents. (It's really more of a contents page parody.) This paperback volume is a compilation of the best letters from the first three years of National Lampoon. These letters, of course, were not from the readers but from the editors, written as if they were from readers. The letters section was consistently funny and often silly, and this book is a good sampling (if you can find it).

Some blurbs from the cover: "'My only regret is that I didn't remain alive long enough to review this fine, fine book.' --Edmund Wilson"; "Awarded Warner Paperback Library $1000 Advance"; "Under 1,000,000 Copies in Print--Over 94,000,000 Miles to the Sun"; and "Nobel Prize for Literature Winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn Will Be Sent a Copy."