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Books & Anthologies

National Lampoon Comics


COVER: Photograph uncredited; illustrated by Charles Rodrigues, Vaughan Bodé, Shary Flenniken, Jeff Jones, Gahan Wilson, M. K. Brown, Randy Enos, Bobby London, and Joe Orlando.


Sago of the Frozen North, By M. K. Brown

From October 1973 (Banana)

G. Gordon Liddy, Agent of Creep, By Marc Rubin, Chris Miller, and Francis Hollidge

From October 1973 (Banana)

Earl D. Porker, By M. K. Brown

From December 1972 (Easter)

Third World Thrills, By P. J. O'Rourke, Dean Latimer, and Gray Morrow

From July 1972 (Surprise!)

Weerd Tayls, By Michel Choquette, Sean Kelly, Joe Orlando, and Frank Springer

From May 1971 (The Future)

The MAD Parody, By John Boni, Henry Beard, Sean Kelly, Joe Orlando, Ernie Colon, Ralph Reese, Babi Jeri, John Romita, John Lewis, Al Weiss, and Stuart Schwartzberg

From October 1971 (Back-to-School)

Nuts, By Gahan Wilson

From various issues

Idyl, By Jeff Jones

From various issues

Doctor Colon's Monster, By Charles Rodrigues

From various issues

Shab, By B. Kliban

From various issues

Mule's Diner, By Stan Mack

From various issues

Chicken Gutz, By Randy Enos

From various issues

Famous Comic Artists School, By Bruce Cochran

From various issues

The Aesop Brothers, By Charles Rodrigues

From variious issues

Magical Misery Tour, By Michael O'Donoghue and Randy Enos

From October 1971 (Back-to-School)

Whitedove, By Henry Beard and Francis Hollidge

From September 1973 (Postwar)

Tommy Tucker, By Dean Latimer

From August 1972 (The Miracle of Democracy)

Father of the Transistor Radio, By Michael O'Donoghue and Bob Monhegan

From July 1973 (Modern Times)

Character Building Comics, By Gerald Sussman and Francis Hollidge

From November 1973 (Sports)

An Anglo-Saxon Yuletide Tale, By George W. S. Trow and Philip Wende

From December 1973 (Self-Indulgence)

Deadman, By Henry Beard, Dick Giordano, and Neal Adams

From January 1973 (Death)

Crash Christian, By Michael O'Donoghue and Frank Springer

From January 1972 (Is Nothing Sacred?) and February 1972 (Crime)

The Magic Lamp, By M. K. Brown

From June 1972 (Science Fiction)

An Interrupted Luncheon, By Doug Kenney, Michael Sullivan, and Bill Skurski

From June 1972 (Science Fiction)

A Summary History of Politics, By Arnold Roth

From October 1970 (Politics)

The Little Match Girl, By R. O. Blechman

From November 1970 (Nostolgia)

Mercury, God's Own Messenger, By M. K. Brown

From June 1973 (Violence)

The Abandoned Sock, By Edward Gorey

From July 1972 (Surprise!)

The Ventures of Zimmerman, By Tony Hendra, Sean Kelly, and Neal Adams

From October 1972 (Remember Those Fabulous Sixties)

The Adventures of Virgil Virgin, By Ed Subitzky

From February 1973 (Sexual Frustration)

Dirty Duck, By Bobby London

From various issues

Trots and Bonnie, By Shary Flenniken

From various issues

One Year Affair, By Reese and Preiss

From various issues

Russ de la Rocca, Worm Trainer, By M. K. Brown

From September 1972 (Boredom)

The Beginning of Life, By Ed Subitzky

From August 1973 (Strange Beliefs)