239. “Pud’s Last Tune”

Q: Back in the ’70s there was a poem in Lampoon. I believe it was called “Pug’s last tune”. Anyway, the refrain was, “let’s whoop really good on the kids. / My wife she’s not brainy her looks there a curse. / Her cookin is awful her houskeepings worse / but when she gets home at night she’s a terror to behold. / with a hairbrush or paddle theres no one so bold / and I’ll get my kicks with a sawed off cue stick / and you’ll grab an iron stone lid. / let’s get out the switches and pull down their britches / and whoop really good on the kids.’ That’s all I can remember. I’ve looked all over the internet for it but can’t find it. Maybe you can.

A: It was in an article called “Pud’s Last Tune” which was part of a magazine parody called “Pickers ‘n’ Kickers” from the July 1976 (Down Home) issue.