106. Sinead O’Connor Story

Q: Hello, every once in a while I think about the funniest article I’ve ever read. It was a fictional story about the author going to the airport and picking up two people, one of whom was Sinead O’Connor. A deer was struck, but not killed, so it was strapped to the hood. The vehicle allowed a great deal of heat to escape through it’s engine, and the deer was cooked. At some point Sinead decided to flip off oncoming traffic, so she could get show them contempt, before they could show theirs.

A: “Driving Sinead O’Connor and Joan Baez to a Peace Rally in July” by Dino Londis from the January/February 1994 issue. (Thanks to Clark for providing the answer.)

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    The article you are looking for is in the Jan/Feb 1994 edition, page 38. Just so you know, I have been looking for it for the last decade also. It is on the Natl Lampoon DVD, and took forever to find.

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    Thanks, Clark!

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    I forgot all about that. Gotta go back and re-read it.

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