105. Trots and Bonnie Tampon Cartoon

Q: Looking for an issue of National Lampoon where, in a comic strip section, a girl was going to the mall dressed as a tampon.

A: According to Carol Wood (of Australia’s Pox Girls comix), it was a two-page, full-color “Trots & Bonnie” comic in the December 1977 (Christmas In December) issue. Thanks Carol!

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    OK; I have this issue (I’ve got all issues except 12 of them). I’ll get it for you. Just need to look through the stacks, but I think it’s around 1978 or so.

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    Hi gang. The piece in question was a 2-page, full colour ‘Trots & Bonnie’ comic in the Dec 77 ish (Christmas In December). I often think of this one, especially when I hear about a fancy costume ball that requires “Period Dress”; I’d love to have showed up in a tampon outfit, but never had the guts…

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    Thanks, Carol! I don’t know how I flipped past it.

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